Permanent Jewelry

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What is Permanent Jewelry?

Clasp-less Jewelry that we measure exactly to the size of your wrist.  We use a small jump ring to attach the two ends of chain together and fuse the jump ring together to prevent you from being able to take it off or lose it!

With that being said, yes you can have it removed at anytime.  You can remove it with any wire cutters or heavy duty scissors OR you can come into the store at anytime and have it removed, no appointment required.

If you do need to have it removed we can add a clasp to it to for a small fee so you can still enjoy your chain with a clasp on.  You can also hold onto it and come in at a later date to have it fused back on for a small fee.

If you do need to have it removed for medical purposes please book back in and we will fuse it back on for free with proof of removal for medical purposes.  Please email us to book this as you do not have to pay the deposit fee at

Does it hurt?  No!  We use a small machine specifically designed to only fuse the metal.  It will not function if touched to human skin.  

Book in with multiple people for Friends Forever Bracelets, Couples Bracelets, Mother/Daughter Bracelets, Sisters Bracelets or as an Intension/Goal bracelet.  Set an Intension or Goal and once it's achieved come in and have it removed and get another one and set a new goal.