About Us

Alie & Elsie Jewelry was started in 2007 when a simple hobby became so addicting that Owner Chelsea James had to start selling all the inventory she had made.  The hobby was Lampworking.  Beads that are made of glass tubes or rods formed or shaped while softened by the flame of a torch. She combined the glass beads with .925 Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Filled findings to create unique, one of a kind jewelry.  Although the company has shifted to 95% Silver and Gold Jewelry, she is still making glass beads for fun.  Alie & Elsie Jewelry was started in the tiny town of Rouleau SK in 2007 but was moved  to Red Deer, AB for a few years until 2017 when Chelsea decided to return and put new roots down in White City, SK. 
The company is named after her two Grandmothers,  Alie her Oma and Elsie her Grandma.  These amazing women taught Chelsea that she can make anything from nothing!
Alie & Elsie Jewelry has spent the last 9 years traveling around to different cities and attending craft fairs to bring our product to you. We now have one retail location open in Southland Mall in Regina SK and a second location open in Lawson Heights Mall Saskatoon.
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